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This is an in-box free product trial. In each box of certain 3M Disposable Respirators, one valved equivalent product will be included free of charge.
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Virtually every task in the laboratory entails the use of gloves and it is fair to say that they are our constant companion for the most of the working day. With this in mind is it any surprise that stories relating to gloves have reached mythical proportions. Some of the most common myths are explained in this document


About Industrial & Scientific supplies LTD

Industrial Scientific Supplies is an independent privately owned company based within the vicinity of Cambridge, supplying a comprehensive range of PPE products to provide full head to toe protection in the workplace.  Our product portfolio contains a diverse range of products from leading manufacturers including Kimberly-Clark, Ansell (now incorporating Marigold), 3M and Honeywell.

In addition to our PPE range, Industrial Scientific Supplies offer a range of medical and laboratory products including syringes & needles, sharpsbins, surface disinfectants and specialist lamps.

Industrial Scientific Supplies has a wealth of experience in the PPE market sector, ISS are able to provide our customers with technical expertise and an impartial view of the products available to meet your specific application. Industrial Scientific Supplies aim to provide the total protection you require in your working environment.